Aesthetics With Durability

Nowadays, the aesthetic durability benchmarks for architectural aluminium coatings are far higher due to rapid advances in architectural technologies in design and lacade elevations. Coatings need more durability such as dirt pickup resistance, chalk resistance, corrosion and colour fade resistance to UV degradation. 70% PVDF (Potyvintibene Di Fluoride) coatings applied by REAL is thesolution lot today' demanding market.

India's lop companies in architectural coatings associates with REAL as its qualified applicator to address the high end expectation of projects specified to AAMA 2605 voluntary specification standards (Organic Coatings on Aluminium Sections & Profiles)

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Chart for AAMA2605-05 (PVDF) Standards
Description AAMA 2605 (PVDF)
Pre-treatment system Multi stage cleaning system
Dry film hardness 2H - 4H
Out door exposure 10 Year South Florida
Salt spray Resistance 1000 hrs. steel / 4000 hrs. Aluminium
Humidity resistance 1000 hrs. steel / 4000 hrs. Aluminium
Weathering, colour retention 10 Year - fade = 5 delta E
Weathering, chalk resistance 10 Year chalk = 8
Weathering, erosion retention 10 Year = 10% loss
Cost High
Cost High
Aesthetic Appeal for solid Excellent
Aesthetic Appeal for metallic Excellent
Finish available Satin
Colour Available Any customized shade
Maintenance no or minimum
Guarantees 10-25 years

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